If you buy groceries, or eat food - you're going to love this :-)

Grocery Server can change the way you shop. We've got weekly specials from hundreds of US retailers (international coming soon) together with print and digital coupons, shopping lists and recipe recommendations - and here's the cool part: we've blended all of this into your favorite sites and apps... Check out just a few examples below, and stay tuned as we launch dozens more this year!


Grocery Circular Roundup
by AllYou (Time, Inc.)

This free, interactive tool allows consumers to browse grocery circulars and coupons in real time by typing in their zip code or selecting their favorite local store to see what's on sale in their neighborhood. Consumers can also enter their shopping list to match desired items with local sales. The tool is powered by Grocery Server, which also powers the mobile-optimized version of the site!


by Meredith.

Serving up Savings! All of Recipe.com's 20,000+ recipes have professionally produced photos from partners ranging from innovative chefs and internationally respected food companies to media brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, Food & Wine, Fine Cooking, EatingWell, Vegetarian Times, The Food Channel, Taste of the South, Family Circle, and Fitness magazine. Recipe.com's local deals, recipe box and shopping list are powered by Grocery Server.


Shopping List
from Recipe.com.

Tie your shopping list to specials and coupons at your local stores to make creating your list quick, easy — and profitable! Use the Recipe.com Shopping List to add items by voice, UPC scan (say, when the cereal box is empty, scan its UPC so you’ll know to get more), or regular text entry on your phone or PC. The app shows you savings for everything on your list. It even auto-groups items by aisle to make shopping a snap. And you can sync with multiple devices.


Dash Recipes
by Conde Nast.

Dash is the new "go to" source for putting quick and delicious meals on the table every day. It has a mix of fun, a bit of inspiration, using Amercia's best-loved food brands and always a back-to-basics sensibility. It's the ultimate kitchen companion for 36 million monthly readers who need to get meals on the table in a dash!


by Time, Inc.

MyRecipes.com features the largest collection of professionally-tested recipes online from food experts at the magazines and cookbooks you love and trust--including Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, Real Simple, and more.

Grocery Server highlights local ingredients on sale in every recipe, and provides a convenient shopping list that you can take right to the store.


Coupon Network
by Catalina Marketing.

Coupon Network, powered by Catalina Marketing, is where sophisticated busy moms and dads go to save money and improve their family's quality of life – with the most value and the most brands. Coupon Network offers savings and coupons that you will not find anywhere else. And now Coupon Network also includes local retail offers and a powerful shopping list powered by Grocery Server!


Smart Shopping
for Windows Phone

New Features: barcode scanning, new and improved list scrolling, and zip code searching for local stores and specials!
Smart Shopping helps take the grunt work out of your shopping experience. With highly intuitive and refreshingly easy-to-use tools, you can accomplish more with less time and money. Features include list sharing, a smart item suggestion menu, hyper-relevant store specials in your local area*, shopping history, favorites lists, an advanced store manager that lets you create different aisles and product lists for different stores, and much more!


by Rodale

The local deals gallery on Prevention.com, powered by Grocery Server, geo-locates visitors and shows them weekly promotions at their neighborhood grocery stores. They can browse results by retailer and/or category (baking goods, dairy, etc.). Items available at more than one store – fresh broccoli, for example – are stacked in the results to allow for quick sale price comparisons. With one click users can search for recipes that contain items on sale. Find what you like? Share it with friends on Facebook or Pinterest. Or add it to your shopping iist. You can save multiple lists for pantry items, everyday essentials and special events.